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Welcome to BTO’s Remembrance Page - a special place where we invite family and friends to celebrate the lives of loved ones, their love for birds and the natural world. Share a photo, a birdwatching memory or a special story as a lasting tribute.

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Peter I'Anson (1938 - 2023)


Peter was a keen naturalist, loving all wildlife and wildflowers for all his life, until failing health and eyesight meant that he was unable to enjoy the world as he used too. He never lost his spirit, and kindness though, and was loved by many. Peter joined BTO in 1995, and regularly joing the Garden Birdwatch, as well as maintaining his own records of the various species and frequencies that they visited and observed. His legacy is certainly his love for his family, friends and nature.

Peter I'Anson (1938 - 2023)