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Welcome to BTO’s Remembrance Page - a special place where we invite family and friends to celebrate the lives of loved ones, their love for birds and the natural world. Share a photo, a birdwatching memory or a special story as a lasting tribute.

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Peter Arbery

Eileen McLernon

Peter loved birds and was very much an outdoor man. His interest in birds began over 40 years ago when he saw his first Redwing. On his last days in the hospice he was pleased to be able to see a small variety of passerines and one or two raptors from his window. Apart from his birding locally, he enjoyed combining our hill-walking holidays with watching less familiar birds in the highlands and islands. He was also greatly interested in wildflowers and other wildlife - butterflies, moths, fish and animals. He will be greatly missed by me and all who knew him. Eileen

Peter Arbery