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Welcome to BTO’s Remembrance Page - a special place where we invite family and friends to celebrate the lives of loved ones, their love for birds and the natural world. Share a photo, a birdwatching memory or a special story as a lasting tribute.

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Jenny Beer 1936-2019

Alice, Penelope & Celia (her daughters)

Jenny Beer was a unique individual who valued the planet and the natural world like nobody else. She had the smallest carbon footprint you can imagine - but she never skimped when it came to feeding her birds. A keen organic gardener herself, she created her own special 'muesli' by rendering beef fat from a local farmer and mixing it with organic oats, raisins and nuts, a bit to be given to the birds each day - along with organic sunflower seeds and water - even to the extent of melting the ice in the winter to be sure they could drink. She had such a variety of birds in her garden, and recorded them every day, submitting her bird count weekly to BTO Garden BirdWatch. This was an infectious enthusiasm that she passed on to her daughters and her grandson, Daniel, for whom she bought BTO membership and who now gives his birds the same muesli, and enters the bird count every week She supported many BTO causes, and enjoyed the Bird Table magazine as it was short and relevant. I am sure the birds miss her as much as we do! With love from her daughters xxx

Jenny Beer 1936-2019