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Welcome to BTO’s Remembrance Page - a special place where we invite family and friends to celebrate the lives of loved ones, their love for birds and the natural world. Share a photo, a birdwatching memory or a special story as a lasting tribute.

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Geoff Blackman (May 1944 - September 2020)

Verity Blackman

My husband, Geoff, was a dedicated bird watcher and lover of all things "natural history" since his early teens. He was particularly fascinated by all aspects of bird migration. We both enjoyed our monthly WeBS surveys are two locations in North Yorkshire. As a young man he was part of a ringing expedition to central Spain organised by the BBC Natural History Unit and in 1967/68 he spent time on Fetlar in the Shetlands with his long time friend, the late Keith Fox. In 2003 Geoff and I went to live in Shetland. We had seven enjoyable years there and saw some amazing birds before "emigrating south" to live in North Yorkshire. He was always delighted to pass on his knowledge of birds and natural history to anyone who showed an interest and gave numerous talks to local clubs and groups. Geoff died suddenly from a totally unexpected heart attack on 5th September 2020. He was a registered Organ Donor and I am proud to say his death has already helped someone live a fuller life. Not a bad legacy. Birds and natural history were a big part of his life and for 51 years he was a big part of my life. Keith Fox's widow, Ronnie, and I like to think that "our lads are up there birding". Verity

Geoff Blackman (May 1944 - September 2020)