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Welcome to BTO’s Remembrance Page - a special place where we invite family and friends to celebrate the lives of loved ones, their love for birds and the natural world. Share a photo, a birdwatching memory or a special story as a lasting tribute.

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Ralph & Betty Boutal

Paul, Richard and Sally Boutal

Ralph and Betty Boutal loved to watch the birds in their beautiful Norfolk garden, and took part in the BTO's Garden BirdWatch for many years. After her dear Ralph passed away in 2012, Betty continued to get great enjoyment from the birds that visited, with a bird guide and binoculars by her side in their sunny conservatory, and I kept her well-stocked with supplies for the feeders. Her feeding station is now in my little back garden on the Beds/Cambs border, still attracting a variety of species. They are both greatly missed, by us and all their friends and neighbours in the village of Shouldham where they lived together for over twenty years. Paul, Richard & Sally

Ralph & Betty Boutal